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9th Oct, 2020

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About the Podcast

Let's Talk Deer - Hosted by Bruce Hutcheon
Whitetails need three things to flourish, Food, Water and Cover. Let's Talk deer will incorporate all three in the podcast presented by Grandpa Ray Outdoors. Host Bruce Hutcheon brings over 6 years of successful podcasting.
Let's Talk Deer Podcast is a collaboration between Grandpa Ray Outdoors, CEO John O’Brion - and whitetail expert Bruce Hutcheon -

These experts will be interviewing the best of the best in the whitetail world when it comes to growing a balanced deer herd.

Bruce has interviewed over 700 whitetail hunters, authors, and personalities when he was host of Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast. His insights will bring these new podcasts to life with detailed how to, where to and when to.

The collaboration with Grandpa Ray Outdoors owner John O'Brion will bring the puzzle of soil, seed, and habitat to life in simple concepts that you can implement today.

Grandpa Ray's specializes in providing the best nutrition for the whitetail deer on your property starting with the soil. We do this with offering a full line of high-quality food plot seed, plant foods and minerals.

We go the extra mile by helping you understand the best way to use our products with our consulting services.

We have field staff who have many years of planting food plots and developing habitat on their own properties. There are over 45 research plots across the US. We also have an educational plot in South central Wisconsin that hosts events and is also open to the public. We even have an organic education plot in Southwest Wisconsin.

Our approach goes beyond attraction; we offer a year-round program of nutrition and food plot education that is natural and innovative. Your bucks will grow larger racks but also your does and fawns will grow strong and healthy which helps winter survival as well as handling yearlong stresses.

Together we can help you achieve the next level in whitetail deer management.
We are not about a fancy name or package. We work with you to give you specific recommendations for your own properties.

About your host

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W Bruce Hutcheon

Bruce's outdoor journey began in the hardwoods and streams of Rhode Island hunting squirrels, rabbits, ruffed grouse and fishing for brook trout and bass. He moved to Long Island and surfed fished for stripers and blues along the Atlantic coast.

It wasn't until he went to college in Wisconsin that he found his passion, Whitetail deer. 1966 was his first whitetail hunt and he has never looked back. His fly fishing and hunting adventures have taken him from Ungava Bay to Lake Iliamna, most of the Canadian Provinces and the whitetail states of the Midwest. His hunting articles can be found at and GOABC. His intimate knowledge of big game hunting in the Rockies allowed him to be an Insider contributor for

He has served on nationally known conservation boards, is a Life Member of RMBS, WSF, RMEF and NRA. He was elected to serve as a SE Regional member of the Colorado Sportsperson’s Roundtable.

He is recognized in the whitetail world as a very successful outdoor communicator and influencer as Host, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the highly acclaimed podcast, Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast. This podcast has exceeded over 500,000 downloads and interviewed over 650 guests. During the summer of 2019 Bruce created and published Deer Hunting Institute, Part 1. A hunting course to support the three R's; Recruitment, reactivation and retention.

Most recently he created and hosts "Let' Talk Deer Podcast" to further educate hunters and non hunters about the whitetail deer.